Four Gamma Minus team members attended both Devcom and Gamescom last week in Cologne, Germany. Our participation was possible in part due to both GAME as well as the Creative Media Europe organization. 

For the past 5 months, we have been not only updating our Freshman title, Rough Justice:’84, but also working on the PlayStation, Xbox and Switch ports. All the while we have been jump-starting our Magnum Opus, Cold Comfort, as well as designing and prototyping two other unannounced titles. 

We attended a Rapid Pitch event organized by Xsolla, which allowed us to pitch one of our upcoming unannounced titles to a room full of investors and publishers. Events like these are great not only to get our name out and to elevate our company profile, but also to hone our pitching skills and verify our concepts. 

Additionally, we were pleased to have been invited to the Gamescom Invest Circle, which took place for the first time this year. The special pitch and matchmaking event brought together investors and game companies and offered a unique platform to network and exchange ideas.

Besides that, Gamma Minus was selected to showcase at the Creative Media Europe stand, where we were able to take a number of meetings and pitch our new projects.

One of the major highlights was that we were invited to the Epic Games Party, where we were able to meet members of the Epic MegaGrants team.

The Epic Games MegaGrant program has been a godsend. We were lucky enough to have received a MegaGrant for our first title Rough Justice: ’84, and without it, we wouldn’t have been able to have successfully released the game.

Last year we were in dire straits and didn’t have enough funds to continue the further development. It was looking pretty grim and I was about to lay off the whole team, and out of the blue we received an email stating that we had received the MegaGrant. Talk about a Hail Mary!

Besides the desperately needed cash injection, the benefits of being in the Epic ecosystem have helped to elevate Gamma Minus UG and given us much-needed exposure.

Needless to say, meeting some of the team members, actually putting a face to the program, and being able to thank him directly for the opportunity was cathartic.