An asymmetrical 5v5 Tactical PvP set in the immediate aftermath of the zombie apocalypse. Players can play as either Survivors, or as Gamma Primes, which are genetically enhanced zombies. Each team has unique game mechanics, and vastly different goals. More information on Cold Comfort can be found on the website. 

The players – Survivors and Gamma Prime alike – are thrown into a hostile game world where they need to make a simple choice: Will they play as a team or will they try to survive on their own? This choice is forced onto them by an atmosphere of imminent danger and the overwhelming odds of a world that changed too suddenly.  Behind the curtains of this struggle for survival a much bigger story is playing out – a story involving a huge pharma corporation with a vision and all the things that can go wrong, because humanity is simply not ready for immortality.

As a single player turn based management game, Rough Justice put the player in control of a team of agents that they need to train, advise and manage on many different levels. Send your agents out on fugitive recovery, private investigation or asset recovery contracts, and gain reputation to unlock new and more challenging contracts. 

As a wrongfully convicted, and recently release ex-cop, you want to clear your name, and get the “dirt” on the people responsible for your demise. What better way to achieve this goal legally, then by putting together a security agency, and training agents to help you with your task. It’ll be a hard road, but eventually you’ll be able to take them down, within the framework of the law.  More info on the website

 In Eradiclicker, you have to eradicate various viruses, thus earning points for research which can be used to find more sustainable methods of obliterating those pesky viruses. Because, let’s be honest, nobody likes viruses, right?

After every level completed, you’ll get a detailed breakdown of how many viruses you’ve destroyed, which ones, and info on various viruses, like tidbits of virus wisdom, ya know, for the kids to learn and stuff. This metagame will tie into the ACTUAL game (Cold Comfort) and you’ll be able to purchase cosmetic upgrades with points that you’ve accumulated in Eradiclicker.

Gamma Strain is a mutant management game. As a scientist, your goal is to select your mutant, take care of them by feeding, breeding, and training. One day, your mutant will turn into a fighting machines. Explore the game world, fight against other trainers using your mutant and defeat them to level-up. Play as the solo or against other players in multiplayer mode your main task is to prove yourself as the best trainer around the globe. You can play different games with your mutants and can earn hit points that you can use to unlock further content.  More information can be found on the Gamma Strain website