We recently had the pleasure of attending Games Ground Berlin, a brand new event that brings not only industry leaders together but also the general public. We were lucky enough to be able to showcase the game and get some valuable feedback.

🔥 Our presentation included:

  • Exclusive gameplay demonstrations
  • Meet the minds behind Rough Justice: ’84
  • Q&A sessions with the development team
  • Hands-on experience with the game
  • Limited edition merchandise giveaways

As a flagship event for Berlin, Games Ground turned out to be a valuable gaming festival, covering all facets of gaming culture and industry both in terms of content and interdisciplinary approaches.

Games Ground brings consumers and the industry together for a constructive exchange on an equal footing. In addition to important B2B content such as business insightscareer opportunities, and education, the event focuses on the content and interests of the gaming community.

The diverse range of formats on offer demonstrates the diversity of the industry and makes Games Ground the platform for all gaming enthusiasts.

We’re looking forward to next year!