A number of representatives from Gamma Minus will be attending Gamescom in Cologne, Germany between August 20th and 23rd 2019.

We have a pretty packed schedule, however if you’d like to set up a meeting to meet with us, please feel free to get in touch via email office@gammaminus.com or the handy dandy Meet to Match application. 

You don’t want to miss this! Concentrated gaming fun, pure entertainment, inspiration and innovation – everybody who is anybody meets at gamescom. Discover the latest games, test new games before everybody else and be part of the biggest event the games industry has to offer.

Booth Buddies

Man, renting space for a booth is EXPENSIVE at these gaming conventions. Luckily, for indie devs, there are a number of options. One option which may be suitable for some developers is the Indie Arena Booth. IAB has partnered with Utomik and offered devs a free shared booth, but as with all “free” things, there’s a catch. You have to agree to have your game on their platform once it’s released.  We chose not to be beholden to Utomik, because it would put us at a very disadvantageous position when negotiating with potential investors and publishers. However, I totally get why they offer these free and reduced booths, and it makes sense for a lot of developers, so more power to ’em!

The Trolley That Was Not To Be

Once we realized that the IAB was off the table, we had to really crunch some numbers and think outside the box. How could we showcase the Cold Comfort prototype to a number of investors and publishers in a true multiplayer fashion, on the cheap? A mobile gaming trolley of course! We whipped a concept together and presented it to the Gamescom powers-that-be aaaaand – they shot it down. But I mean, how cool would that have been? Wheelin’ our trolley from meeting to meeting and just sayin’ “Hey, here’s our networked multiplayer asymmetrical prototype- pretty ballin’ right?”. Maybe next year…

NRW Connection

After the whole trolley fiasco, we were at our whits end, but luckily we scored an awesome opportunity to showcase Cold Comfort at the Digital Media Region NRW Pavilion on Thursday August 24th!  So thanks to Medien.NRW we’ll be able to present our prototype to potential investors and publishers.