The first ever Baltic Dev Days, took place from Sep 12, 2019 – Sep 13, 2019 in Kiel, Germany- and we were lucky enough to be there! The game development conference was a quaint little affair, located in the Atlantic Hotel right by the harbor.  Our attendance at the event was made possible by Mediennetzwerk.NRW and – and we are very grateful for their continual support!

Not only were two Gamma Minus team members able to attend, but we were given access to the gaming area, where we were able to present our current prototype of Cold Comfort

Our present prototype is set up for 4 players, but due to the limited space, we were only able to present the game as a 1v1- which surprisingly enough was still quite fun!

Of course, we were initially plagued by a number of technical issues- as our coders were up all night and had pushed a new build- which… one of our older laptops wasn’t able to handle. Luckily, a buddy of ours was attending the event, and we were able to swap our laptops, as his game was a game that didn’t require that much CPU or GPU. 

All in all, the Baltic Dev Days was a really cool event! We mingled with quite a few old friends, and made some new ones. 🙂